Coastal cruises and ocean crossings

It would be an understatement to say that Arne loves France. As a student in Montpellier, this Norwegian spent three years attaining an excellent level in French, and he has a penchant for finding the right words.

His wife, Kari, had studied in Tours before returning to teach in Norway. When we asked Arne how he decided on his 54 DS, he burst out laughing and admitted that he has been sailing with Jeanneau for 22 years; his first boat was a Sun Fizz, named "La Balance," for Kari´s astrological sign, followed by a Sun Odyssey 47, and finally his current 54 DS, "Carisma." So, Arne is as attached to the brand as he is to his boats. 

Arne and Kari love sailing in all forms, from coastal cruising to ocean passage making. «In Norway, we sail every weekend from May to October, always seeking out the perfect spot for a quiet, secluded mooring, with a nice light meal and a chilled rosé. We sail on the Oslo fjord. In the summer, we sail between Sweden and Denmark. There are many islands, and you can always find a nice sheltered spot in a little cove or fishing port. 

"We sail together as a couple, generally - sometimes with friends. And it is nice, even at port, with a good propeller, while preparing everything. I am the skipper, and she helps me. She´s a great cook, and I do the dishes. What we enjoy most is to stay in a quiet, secluded anchorage with the dinghy, surrounded by peace and quiet. We are very self-sufficient, with a generator, a washing machine and a water maker that has allowed us to replace one of our two water reservoirs with one for diesel fuel. But no television! 

"While sailing, we have a generator and 3 electric winches, an additional stay for a head-sail and a 180-square-meter asymmetrical spinnaker that we send up mostly when we sail with crew. The electronic navigation equipment is all by Ray Marine, with a GPS chart plotter, cartography software and radar that I use quite a bit. The multifunction display alerts us to potential collision courses. 

"Our last boat was delivered to Port Napoleon in the Camargue in July of 2004. We spent 6 weeks cruising: Grande Motte, Collioure, Port-Vendres, Cadaquès, Barcelona, visiting French friends in Ibiza, where we did some coastal cruising, then on to Majorca and a week on the island of Porquerolles on the return trip. 

"In 2005, we brought the boat up to Toligera in Spain, then 5 of us sailed up to Norway in two-and-a-half weeks. 2,000 miles, 17 days of which were spent cruising non-stop! We moored near Malaga, in Tangier to visit a Moroccan friend. We set sail again with a strong following wind, which allowed us to reach up to 14 knots. Then we sailed straight on to Lisbon, then Bayonna, in Galicia near Vigo, home of the caravel Tinta, aboard which Christopher Colombus returned from the Americas. From Bayonna we sailed straight on to Cherbourg. The town was celebrating the 14th of July with an assembly of old tall ships, one of which was a Norwegian boat that had just won a regatta. After Cherbourg, we followed the currents in the English Channel. We made a short stop in Ostende, then Gotenborg in Sweden, and just a bit further on, in our homeport. 

"Problems? A fishing net caught in the propeller in the middle of the Bay of Biscay obliged us to dive in. There was so much wind that the boat was going 3 knots without sails. I used the sea anchor. 

"The boat was very nice, averaging over 8 knots. We handled some small maintenance ourselves. The construction, the sails and the centre of balance are all very nice. The cockpit and the saloon designed by Garroni are very comfortable. We met with him, and our wives connected." 

He closed with this reflection: «In cruising, we set our emotions free to roam: countrysides, friendships, adventures, discoveries.» 

Is Arne exceptional? He replies: «I am 58 years old, and I am in great physical shape, which I maintain by playing various sports and choosing to eat well. I practice general medicine, specializing in athletics. I accompanied the Norwegian team in `98 to the World Cup. The 23rd of June, we beat Brazil, and we, the Norwegians, were the only ones to do it!» 

Texte : Arne et Karl
Source : Chantier Jeanneau 

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