Scorpion - Scorpion ribs to lauch 6.5 m sport at PSP Southampton Boat Show

After a spell of absence, one of the world´s leading RIB designers and manufacturers is back exhibiting at this year´s PSP Southampton Boat Show with a worldwide debut.

Scorpion RIBs will be showing two RIBs, one of which is a brand new 6.5 metre Sport model receiving its worldwide launch. 

Scorpion is showcasing its new 6.5 metre Sport RIB on the stand (near the Guinness stand). Including the engine, it is priced at £39,250 inc. VAT. 

The high-end luxury market is an obvious arena for Scorpion to further expand its business. This brand is a natural fit for super yacht and big boat captains who are `shopping´ for the best-looking and best-performing tenders and runabouts, and of course there´s the `toys for the boys´ angle as well. Scorpion´s new 6.5m Sport could be just what they´re looking for. 

The company has also launched a Classic edition of the 6.5m although will not exhibit the Classic at the Show. Despite this, the Scorpion 6.5m Classic is being promoted as Scorpion´s first ever production model to help entice a whole new audience into Scorpion´s embrace. As the company´s M.D., Patrick Byrne says, "By bringing a 6.5m at £35k into the arena, owning a Scorpion suddenly becomes more affordable and easier to justify." 

The Scorpion 6.5m, the smallest model in a stunning range that currently stretches from 7.5m up to 10m, brings the delights of owning and running a Scorpion to a wider, but still a highly discerning audience. Scorpion has identified that there is a large enough market out of there of potential customers wishing to buy a Scorpion but perhaps finding it difficult to justify purchasing one of the larger models during a recession. 

By producing a smaller, and significantly cheaper production model, Scorpion plans to expand its customer base at a time when some other manufacturers are keeping their heads down. By purchasing a 6.5m Scorpion RIB as opposed to any other marque, the owner immediately climbs onto a higher rung of that aspirational ladder but for a more affordable outlay.

It doesn´t stop there though 

Scorpion will exhibit a twin outboard Mediterranean 8.5m RIB. In the words of one magazine editor who tested the 8.5m, "This is a rigid inflatable that would rank alongside any craft, of any description, anywhere in the world. Attention to detail is superb and the vessel demonstrates a pleasing combination of functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics; three attributes which, when achieved harmoniously, become the `holy grail´ sought by all designers." 

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