Walker Bay Boats Releases Redesigned Genesis RIBS for 2011

Walker Bay Boatsis pleased to announce that the award-winning Walker Bay Genesis RIB now has a new look for 2011.

Clean lines, solid construction and pronounced features make the inflatable look and feel more luxurious. This is the first time the boat’s design has been modified since it was launched in 2006. 

The many proprietary and unique features of Genesis led the Walker Bay design team to look at other performance-based manufacturers for inspiration. “Take a look at high-end automotive manufacturers today and you’ll quickly notice the trend towards clean, bright and spacious styling” said Chris Carroll, Vice President of Sales for Walker Bay. “In our market, the Genesis stands apart in features and workmanship. The new modernized design re-enforces that fact.” 

The extruded aluminum transom has therefore been changed from powder-coated to anodized for maximum longevity. As a result, the high-quality finish will really jump out at consumers on the show floor. Furthermore, aluminum transoms are stiffer and lighter than fiberglass transferring more energy from the motor into forward thrust. The transom folds down when the tubes are deflated, allowing for smaller dimensions and added storage. 

Fabric options are now also differentiated by color. Tubes made from high-quality Heytex PVC come in a solid light-gray, while tubes made from UV-resistant Hypalon now come in white. Handles & logos have been modified to reflect the new streamlined design. The performance-enhancing hull continues to be manufactured from injection-molded polypropylene for added durability. Trim tabs further enable the boats to plane quickly so smaller engines achieve greater speeds. 

About Walker Bay Boats 

For over 10 years, Walker Bay® has redefined the benchmark for small boats by combining the perfect balance of performance, aesthetics and engineering. Manufacturing an award-winning line of exceptionally crafted motorboats, sailboats, rowboats, RIBs, and high-pressure inflatable kayaks, Walker Bay® continues to push the boundaries of innovation with boats that are durable, versatile, practical and easy to use. With over 80,000 boats in use, Walker Bay® is available in over 50 countries around the world. 

Site : www.walkerbay.com 

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