Zodiac - Medline IV, Zodiac unveils the ultimate in inflatable luxury

It has always been Zodiac's ambition to drive progress in the seagoing world, by making the best marine technology available to all. Mission accomplished!

The Medline IV was unveiled this summer. As the latest addition to the family, Medline IV perfectly epitomizes the world leader's expertise in inflatable boat-building. 

Non-standard engineering for non-restricted enjoyment 

The ultimate in luxury afloat, Medline IV is the fruit of a systematic strategy of innovation dedicated to leisure. Advanced technology suits the craft to all activities on the water and to all types of sailing. The boat is simply at ease in all sea conditions. 

Medline IV lends a new dimension to feeling good. 

Length : 8.50 m
Beam : 3.00 m
Dry weight : 1600 kg
Motor size : 250 - 350 HP (single) or 2 x 175 - 2 x 225 HP
(dual motor)
Number of passengers : 8 - 15
Compartments : 7 

Elbow-room for enjoying the sea has never been so generous 

Zodiac´s technological mastery covers many aspects, including comfort, leisure, even just messing about. Excursions with friends, sunbathing, wakeboarding, water skiing, picnics on board: scope is ample for every pleasure afloat. The finest detail of Medline IV is amply proportioned: double sun deck, rear platform usable as people space, inbuilt locker and many other features. 

Medline - a range built purely for fun 

Record people space, clever fittings and huge sun decks: the Medline semi-rigid range constantly adapts to the requirements of seasoned sailors and to the wishes of a wider clientele. The fleet sports a new livery for 2009! Twin-tone white and grey floats/caramel-biscuit upholstery for Medlines II, IIC and III. 

o Medline Sundream: overall length : 5.00 m - overall beam: 2.20 m - weight: 397 kg - max. power: 40 HP - 80 HP - passenger-carrying capacity: 10 cat. C.
o Medline II Compact: overall length : 5.30 m - overall beam: 2.24 m - weight: 480 kg - max. power: 40 - 115 HP - passenger-carrying capacity: 9 cat. C.
o Medline II: overall length: 5.98 m - overall beam: 2.50 m - weight: 690 kg - max. power: 115 HP - 150 HP - passenger-carrying capacity: 11 cat. C / 5 cat. B.
o Medline III: overall length: 7.30 m - overall beam: 3.00 m - weight: 1400 kg - max. power: 130 HP - 250 HP - passenger-carrying capacity: 15 cat. C / 8 cat. B. 

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