Couach - Couach launches a new 26 metre model and enters the realm of 80 foot boats

The 2600 FLY was launched on the 24th of June on the Arcachon Bay. With this new model, the shipyard enters the ...

... 80 foot sector for the first time and broadens the scope of its yacht and professional speedboat catalogue that already boasts 13 models from 14 to 50 metres. 

Between 22 and 28 metres: the missing link 

Nicolas Claris 

Couach customers have been waiting a long time for a model this size. Designed to fill the gap in the range of 22 and 28 metre models, the 2600 FLY is the perfect expression of what the shipyard does best: a compact, homogeneous and functional yacht for enjoyable life on-board and sailing. With a new approach to on-board passenger circulation and space management, the 2600 FLY offers all the trademark features that have established Couach’s reputation: deep V-shaped planing hull, composite materials, speed, stability and agility, shaft line propulsion. 

Couach essence 

Nicolas Claris 

In-house designer Franck Reynaud began with a blank page and has imagined a contemporary model consistent with today’s trends, in keeping with the brand’s distinctive lines that reflect its precision, commitment and marine qualities. Particular among the new features are the stylistic effects borrowed from the 50 metre yacht design; the bow layout, uncommon on a deep Vshaped hull; the flying bridge layout and the large sliding side doors that open the lounge onto the sea. 

Perfect homogeneity 

To define the options for layout, always entirely customisable at Couach shipyard, the client drew on ideas from La Pellegrina, the 50 metre super yacht built in 2012. Ambitious choices that led the teams to make even better use of space and stretch every limit. The result is perfect and within its 26 metres and four cabins the 2600 Fly combines all the assets one would expect on a larger vessel. 

The 2600 FLY will be presented to the public at the Cannes Boat Show from 10th to 15th of September 2013. 

Specifications :

Nicolas Claris 

Longueur hors tout : 26,20 mètres
Longueur de coque : 23,95 mètres
Largeur : 6,30 mètres
Tirant d’eau : 1,70 mètres
Déplacement lège : 52 tonnes
Réservoir fuel : 10.000 Litres
Eaux douces : 1.800 Litres
Vitesse de pointe : 31 nœuds
Moteurs : 2 X 12V1800 HP MAN – 1.800 CV
Motorisation possible de : 1.200 à 1.800 CV
Matériaux de construction : composites Kevlar® 

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