Vanderbow Marine - Sailing Boats high and dry

Vanderbow Marine/Golden Boat Lifts provides boat lifts customised for sailingboats. On the standard boatlifts, special cradles are assembled to guarantee the boats stability and safety.

The boat lift itself and the cradles have been constructed in such a way that only a minimum of water is needed under the keel for sailing in. 

For each type of sailingboat custom-built cradles are available. 

By using a Golden boatlift you shall minimize the maintenance to your boat and keep it in perfect running condition. 

When using a boatlift antifouling is no longer needed and thanks to avoiding traditional mooring or the use of a trailer, the risks for damages will be minimised. 

A Golden boatlift prevents damage, keeps your boat in optimal condition and will absolutely increase your sailing pleasure. 

The Golden sailboatlift is also available in a floating version (the Multivator). 

Vanderbow Marine/Golden Boatlifts Inc. is supplier of floating and stationary boatlifts from 1.000 kg - 30.000 kg for sailing and motor boats and private and marina use. 

Vanderbow Marine
Westerdok 72
1013BH Amsterdam

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