Accon Marine - Versatile cleat gives owners installation options

Combining beauty and strength, Accon Marine's 209 Series Mooring and Lifting Cleats provide functionality without sacrificing appearance.

The Mooring Cleat is easily converted into a Lifting Cleat with the necessary hardware. Users simply insert a connecting rod in the base of the unit and attach the rod to the bow eye. 

Constructed from marine grade 316 stainless steel, the Mooring and Lifting Cleats come in four sizes: 11.4cm, 15.2cm, 20.3cm and 25.4cm. Their sealed base eliminates the need for a waterproofing cup. Water can drain through a fitting at the bottom of the unit. Flush-mounted, these cleats can be easily pulled up when ready for use. 

Each cleat comes with a backing plate, which also serves as the cut-out template. Four screws are required for mounting. The 25.4cm version is available in a through-bolt configuration with visible screw holes and a stud-mount variation with no visible screw holes. 

Accon Marine's 209 Series Lifting Cleats include 304 stainless steel lifting hardware. Independent lab tests show the Lifting Cleats' maximum working load is 1,814 kg. 

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