Spinlock - 3D Comfort Experience for new Deckvest 5D 170 Owners

Spinlock’s 2012 Deckvest 5D Lifejacket Harness adapts elements of new backpack technology never previously used in a lifejacket. Hidden inside the cushioned fabric liner, the added comfort of Shoulder Fit System™ is impressive.

Spinlock’s innovation is a profiled, built-in yoke that locates the jacket perfectly on the shoulders and maintains a natural three-dimensional fit around the upper torso. Cleverly sewn inside the classic Deckvest,structure, the internal support element collapses neatly for compact stowage after use. 

Where other lifejackets tend to pull down uncomfortably on the back of the neck after the chest belt is secured, the 5D Shoulder Fit System keeps the collar clear of the neck, as the belt is adjusted. The Shoulder Fit System then continues to comfortably locate the Deckvest in it’s best position throughout the day during activity and Spinlock say that the invisible ‘Shoulder Fit System™’ is so comfortable you almost forget you’re wearing a lifejacket. 

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