Accon Marine - Sturdy cleat is also stylish

Owners of larger boats require hardware that's beautiful and durable. Unlike clunky pieces that detract from a craft's sleek appearance, Accon Marine's 30.5 cm Pull-Up Cleat satisfies both of these needs by combining a stylish ...

... appearance with tough materials. With a recess in the base, the Cleat can be pulled up quickly and simply for maximum convenience. 

Retracting flush to the vessel, Accon's streamlined Pull-Up Cleat helps avoid a cluttered look and feel aboard. Crafted from marine-grade 316 stainless steel, it can easily endure harsh marine conditions. To prevent unwanted runoff below deck, a waterproofing cup is supplied. 

Installation is simple. It comes with a heavy-duty backing plate, which also serves as the cut-out plate. Accon's Cleat is offered in a stud-mount version with no visible screw holes and a through-bolt model with visible screw holes. The through-bolt version fastens to the deck with four 0.8 cm screws. 

The originator of the Pop-Up cleat, Accon Marine manufactures a full line of stainless steel flush mount deck hardware, including lifting cleats, folding cleats, Pop-Up lights and fender hangers. The company prides itself on innovative and superior quality products and customer service. 

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