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Cramm Yachting Systems in the Netherlands, market leader in the design, development and construction of hydraulic equipment for superyachts, recently appointed a new operations manager.


Since joining the company, John Oost has worked on streamlining processes and enhancing time discipline, financial planning and project management. This is another step in the Dutch equipment manufacturer’s ongoing strategy to strengthen its position in the global market. 

With the appointment of John Oost as operations manager, Cramm Yachting Systems is looking forward to new accomplishments in 2016 and beyond. With experience gained principally from production platforms, Mr Oost is well-versed in planning, lean manufacturing and other management techniques, and will help optimise time and fund management. 

Cramm is currently working on a variety of projects, running the full gamut from fully custom to series production. “Our quality is evidenced by the calibre of our customers, who are largely world-class shipyards,” explains sales manager Paul Boelens. “Right now we are in the process of building what may be the largest full custom crane for a superyacht. This serious piece of machinery will serve a large 15-tonne tender and we are in consultation with the client about the design as we

Sustained upswing 


“The global market is in a sustained upswing at the moment, and we can tell that our customers’ order books are filling up,” Boelens continues. “Quality will remain our most important focus in the foreseeable future. However, at Cramm we take a holistic approach, thinking along with clients in order to find the perfect solution for every situation. This can involve various degrees of quality as well as customisation or cost cutting. An unbeatable combination for both standard and custom solutions, this approach has served everyone concerned well.” 

Cramm Yachting Systems is increasingly playing the role of knowledge centre and problem solver among its customer base. “Yards who need new solutions can come to us and discuss the possibilities,” Boelens says. “We cover a broad range of products that includes passerelles, ladders, cranes, sliding beam cranes, doors and hydraulic power units. The fact that Cramm can take care of the entire process from design and production to installation and start-up is also an advantage for new as well as existing clients.” 

Group synergies 

Cramm Yachting Systems is part of a group that includes sister firms Hydromar Marine Equipment and Cramm Helicopter Landing System. In addition to manufacturing the products of these three companies, group production facilities ESV Berlikum and SMI Groep also have broad experience in items such as body scanners and various solutions for the offshore and food industries. 

“There are significant synergies here between the different parties,” Boelens says. “We make sure that the experience is shared across companies wherever useful. We are also situated relatively close to each other geographically, making collaborative projects simple and convenient. Once again, it is the customer that benefits.” 

Cramm Yachting Systems is a global market leader in the design, development and construction of hydraulic equipment for superyachts. Based in the Netherlands, Cramm can supply and deliver projects on a worldwide basis, and has built a solid relationship with many of the leading superyacht shipyards. Cramm Yachting Systems has ISO 9001:2008 certification from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. 

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