Davis - X-22410 Davis, Dockshockle reduces line wear & tear

Constant tension from tidal surges, wakes, winds and currents can damage a line. Owners can reduce these dangerous shock loads with Davis Instruments' DockShockle, helping lines last longer and minimizing wear to cleats. Unlike other snubbers, one size fits all ropes from 10-19 mm thick.

DockShockle helps prevent cleats from pulling out and keeps screw anchors set when moored in the shallow waters of inland lakes. It also minimizes short chop. 

This handy piece of gear is designed specifically for smaller, lighter boats up to 12 m. It features a patented line limiter and progressive tension design to ease constant or sudden shock loads—the further it stretches, the greater the return force. The result is smooth action and moderated stress. 

The outer cover is made of UV-resistant, hollow nylon webbing to protect the marine-grade elastomer inside from the sun's damaging rays. DockShockle measures 31 cm long and is ideally set up with a working slack of 8-15 cm to effectively dampen dangerous shock loads. Like all snubbers, it is used in-line with the load. Carabiners, constructed from 316 stainless steel, at each end offer quick and simple attachment, and easy adjustments. 

It comes with a pair of Mini-LineGrabbers for easy attachment to braided or twisted lines up to 19 mm with a basic Prusik knot. Each Mini-LineGrabber measures 17 cm long. 

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