CMC Marine - At Genoa Boat Show 2013 the brand new SE integrated system

Exactly one year after the introduction of the innovative range of electrical fins SE Stabilis Electra, CMC Marine is ready for a preview of its very last offer: the new SE Integrated System that reunites under a unique package all the performances of the most innovative company’s products.

Further evolution in CMC Marine’s offer. This year at the Genoa Boat Show the company will reveal its newest challenge: to integrate in a single system all its most innovative products, so to present the client a unique item that will make it possible for both shipyards and owners to fully exploit the single component’s performance. 

The new SE Integrated System is thus originated from the integration between the SE Stabilis Electra (European patent n. 2172394) – electrical fin stabilizer – with the DE Dualis Electra range of electrical thruster, together with the DIA-LOG (patent n. TO2012A000472), the advanced control system. 

One of the main features of the system is the possibility to modulate it, thus enabling a greater flexibility in the elaboration of a ‘custom’ offer, tailored on the client’s demand. For every one of the single Integrated System’s component it is then possible to spot, within the whole product range, the best solution that can ensure at best the required performance,  with no need to compromise, neither regarding the size, nor the power. 

The new electronic configuration make it possible to integrate the thruster’s and the stabilizing fin’s control stations in a unique touch screen control panel, resulting in a strong reduction of the hardware onboard, which consequently allows a better displacement of the equipment: a considerable advantage for vessels less than 100’ long. 

The DIA-LOG control system, moreover, enables the crew to monitor straightaway both system’s functioning, and to run an immediate diagnosis for possible problems, while the GPS transmissions system make it possible for CMC Marine’s technicians to remotely check data and  performances. 

For its modular and integration properties, the choice of an SE Integrated System results in several advantages for the shipyards: optimization of the timing for installation and internal tests, easier installing operations, less training required for the onboard crew , possibility to schedule a more rational spare part’s supply chain, as well as the after sales operations. 

CMC Marine will be at the Genoa Boat Show 2013, booth M27, Power Village. 

Site : www.cmcmarine.com 

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