Seaview - Seaview introduce the Max-Prop Ecowind at Boot Dusseldorf

Seaview Progress, part of PYI Inc, will launch the new Max-Prop ECOWIND propeller at Boot Dusseldorf. The Max-Prop ECOWIND is a four bladed propeller designed to combine ...

... maximum efficiency and perfect balance without vibrations under power, while automatically feathering to a low drag position when sailing. 

This all new Max-Prop is a true revolution in propeller technology for sailboats, designed with a patented system to drive the propeller pitch automatically to its optimum position according to the load. When the boat is accelerating the pitch flattens to allow the engine RPM and boat speed to increase quickly. Progressively as the vessel gets up to speed and the load decreases, the pitch increases. The result, compared to a fixed pitch propeller, is more boat speed with the same RPM, or the same boat speed at a lower RPM. 

The ECOWIND is part of the generation 2 propeller range, all of which have been designed to be exceptionally easy to adjust for any fine tuning to the boat and engine combination that may be required. With the Max-Prop ECOWIND adjusting to the loads encountered, it will never "overload" the engine, and with the pitch constantly adjusting to the load a much lower fuel consumption is experienced. Tests have shown that on long passages the ECOWIND can increase the fuel range by up to an astonishing 30%. 

In calm conditions the light load on the propeller allows the pitch to increase resulting in a higher speed through the water at a given RPM. In rough conditions the heavier load forces the propeller pitch to decrease, letting the engine increase its RPM, resulting in more power and more boat speed. 

The installation of the Max-Prop ECOWIND is very easy as the propeller is delivered assembled and just requires a simple procedure to attach it to the shaft. Max-Prop ECOWIND propellers are available from 14 inches to 32 inches, for shafts 1 inch - 2 inches. 

The revolutionary new Max-Prop ECOWIND can be seen on the Seaview Progress stand at the Dusseldorf Boat Show, Hall 11, Stand C24. 

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