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With the season approaching, ScanNav has plenty of new announcements, with a new ScanNav 14.1 version for Windows, a new Companion 2.9 version for Android, Extension of our SnMap charts offer, and integration of new navigation guides.

The 14.1 version of ScanNav includes the following new features : 

  • NMEA over Wifi:  You can now interface any device supporting NMEA183 over Wifi in reception and/or emission. This includes ScanNav Compagnon on Android devices, and also NKE box and others.
  • SHOMAR Edition 2014/2015 : SNTides includes the new water level data from the SHOM (edition 2014/2015, valid until 15/01/2016 )
  • Interface with the PortPratique database. This new database is under the beta process of approval. It lists all the French coast ports including essential data available offline. An Internet connection is only required for updating the database (very fast operation) , or to consult day to day articles online on the site.
  • ENCs: Ability to display sounds and heights in feet or fathoms (Meters by default)
  • Improvements on the display of high density gribs especially when zoomed out, and other minor improvements
  • See also the list of new features already published : http://www.scannav.com/GB/history.php
  • Free upgrade for licenses less than one year, or 25 euros for older licenses, which includes all software updates and support for a full year (see http://www.scannav.com/GB/order2.php)

The Android version "ScanNav Companion" also evolves with the new 2.9 version : 

  • NMEA over Wifi: Companion now supports external NMEA sources over Wifi , allowing for example the use of low-cost tablets that do not have internal GPS, by listening to a Wifi source, coming from ScanNav (Windows or Android versions), or any other Wifi talker such as the NKE Box . You can also transmit the information from the internal GPS to any Wifi capable equipment.
  • Possibility to keep the boat centered on screen
  • Improved performance of the auto-save
  • This version is always available free of charge with the purchase of SnMap charts.
  • More information here: http://www.scannav.com/GB/Compagnon.php

Extensions in our SnMap charts offer : 

  • Coverage of Italy : A new pack covering Italy is now available with charts from the company NaviMap.
  • New Edition for existing packs: New April 2014 charts editions are available including the latest NTMs from the SHOM and UKHO.
  • Each pack is sold 99€
  • Chart updates are free up to one year, and can be purchased half price (49.5 €) beyond.
  • The SnMap charts can be used on both Windows and Android versions of ScanNav.
  • For additional information, please refer to http://www.scannav.com/GB/PackRaster.php where you will find details on each pack, including last charts updates.

And don't forget the compatibility of ScanNav with our other charts offers, for which we are distributors: 

Meteorem High resolution GRIB files for France & Southern England is still available free of charge, in addition to the world-wide coverage from the Noaa. 

eboutique : www.nautic-way.com 

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