Jetski - Jetski is born!

Official launch of the firts international magazine dedicated to PWC!

This is an important step in the implementation of our new magazine available soon. 

After months of analysis and development, we are proud to announce the online website www.jetski-magazine.com 

This again illustrates the orientation of the long-term vision and commitment of his founder, Karim Nemouchi to offer innovative products and services for those who love this passion. 

Karim Nemouchi, CEO of Watercraft International Publishing based in Dubai, said: "It is a process that began long time ago and it's just another step in my commitment to the brand JETSKI Magazine. I have total confidence in the brand and its ability to project themselves to the highest level of the newspaper industry PWC. It is a challenge that we identified. We learned a lot from the European market on which we have positioned ourselves there is more than ten years now. Undisputed leader in this part of the world, now we bring our eyes to the world. " 

A large global launch campaign accompanies the online website. We are pleased to announce that JETSKI Magazine is the official partner of the 2011 IJSBA World Finals. Many free activities are planned: t-shirts, stickers, caps, posters ... Our charming hostess will be present to supervise the pilot of this new « dream team » JETSKI Magazine. 

Indeed, our official ambassadors will be on the starting line: Chris Mac Clugage, Dustin Farthing, Nicolas Rius and Steven Dauliach !
Last point, this new English edition will be available soon. You can register now at www.jetski-magazine.com 

About Watercraft International Publishing  

Founded in 2009 in Dubai, is positioned as an exclusive brand that offers many innovative high-quality, innovative design and unique feature very mature technologies: e-magazine readable on iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, smartphones, Android ... And always a paper edition. 

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