Morpho - Sailing For Woman knit range: bacteriostatic MERYL SKINLIFE first layers

Sailing For Woman by MORPHO, aware of actual worlwide crisis, introduces exclusive all around Fashion Active Wear 1st layers with integrated Bras (2 in 1).

This bacteriostatic knit range is dedicated to Sporty or just fashionable Women who like to sail or to practice other sports or willing to enjoy first Spring sunny days on board, on shore or in town. 

The Morpho Woman remains fresh, hygienic, chest protected and warm thanks to S4W Meryl skinlife first layers. 

SHE doesn't really need to change herself, SHE may keep wearing those 1st layers many days on while at the Helm... or while practicing another sport or while loitering around or enjoying a cool evening party thanks to HERA, LEDA, RHEA ou HESTIA in other words it's even 3 in 1: T-shirt, Bra and deodorant ! 

Moreover S4W celebrates Spring 2010 by offering
a 25 % discount on HERA, LEDA, RHEA, HESTIA items until April 15th 2010 ! 


2 in 1: Fashion activewear items to wear next to body skin, on board, on shore or in town, integrated Bra
• Sensorial, thermo-physiological and biological comfort
• The Jersey Meryl® Skin Life fiber is antibacterial, hypoallergenic and anti-odor and therefore allows a long lasting wear while keeping a cool feminine touch
• T-shirts, polo and tops Integrated bras provide for unequaled chest maintaining and unmatched fit during action
• The woman morphologic body cut enhances the feminine look
• Exclusive Zig Zag embroideries remind of Sailing environment
• Allround items perfect for all active outdoor sports
• Colors Vaparous Grey and Jet Black 

TOP HERA Jersey Meryl® Skinlife, OUTDOOR

Suggested Retail Price: 69,90 € 

T-Shirt LEDA Jersey Meryl® Skinlife, OUTDOOR

Suggested Retail Price: 79,90 € 

POLO RHEA Jersey Meryl® Skinlife, OUTDOOR

Suggested Retail Price: 99,90 € 

T-Shirt Long sleeves HESTIA Jersey Meryl® Skinlife, OUTDOOR

Keprotec® Kevlar anti-abrasion reinforcments on HESTIA sleeves
Suggested Retail Price: 99,90 € 

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