Nautic de Paris - The Nautic 2016 unveils its new visuals and announces several major evolutions

The now traditional triptych of visuals for the next Nautic is unveiled today: a launch powers towards us in the stunning light of a summer’s evening, a modern sailboat calmly draws closer under asymmetric spinnaker and a rider hurtles down a wave on a Stand Up Paddle board.

All of them are coming towards the observer, as if to herald this major boating gathering. In addition, the Nautic is also unveiling improvements to the organisation of the show’s different sectors as a continuation of the extensive revamping in 2015, alongside a modification to the opening schedule for both professionals and the press. 

© Rémi Bélair © Studio PRK 

Three artistic works for three complementary marine universes, the Nautic’s visuals are continuing their three-band saga. In this way, the 2016 posters illustrate the craft coming towards us, rather than heading off over the horizon, as if to highlight the importance of gathering all the enthusiasts around the Capital. The craft are coming to us which is a powerful image in terms of logistics and organisation. The Nautic was the first and it remains the last word in international boat shows organised at the heart of a capital, with boats and exhibitors coming from right across Europe and the four corners of the World. Equally, the trio is a perfect illustration of the market trends, with a mass production modern cruiser, a comfortable and innovative, modern cruising yacht, and finally a Stand Up Paddle rider mid-surf, reminding us that this sport can also be practised in the waves. 

© Rémi Bélair © Studio PRK 

The look of the show is also changing. Having already undergone a major overhaul last year, the layout of the sectors is continuing to be optimised: the outside track between Halls 2 and 4 will be considerably shortened to bring the motor boats closer to the rest of the Show. Visitors will be able to access Hall 4 through the side of the pavilion via Hall 3. Meantime, the Swimming Pool & Well-Being show will leave Hall 1 to embellish part of 2.2. 

© Rémi Bélair © Studio PRK 

Finally, at the request of the majority of exhibitors, the latest major evolution relates to the Nautic’s opening schedule. Instead, of the first Friday being reserved for Professionals and the Press, the show will open its doors an hour earlier every morning for the latter group. In this way, the intense concentration of announcements and demonstrations on the first Friday will be toned down so as to enable everyone to work their operations around the entire week. Indeed, each year the Nautic is the context chosen by the vast majority of marine events to organise their main annual press operations and public relations. Each morning at 09:00am, the show will initially only be accessible to professionals and the press, before the traditional 10:00am opening for the general public. Over the 9-day show, that represents one full day, spread out over the week, whilst enabling exhibitors to reduce their logistics costs and optimising their communication. 

Constantly evolving to weather both storms and clear spells, the Nautic is preparing an innovative 2016 edition, with an even greater amount of entertainment geared towards all audiences and all marine-based passions from 3 to 11 December 2016. 

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