Motorboot Sneek expands its horizon

Motorboot Sneek, the largest yacht show in the northern Netherlands, expands its horizon even further.

During the 16th edition, six yachting companies from outside Friesland province will attend as guest exhibitors; in addition to the eight regular water sports companies that host this event. Together, they put over 400 new and used yachts up for display in a single weekend on 28, 29 and 30 October 2016. 


During the annual Spring Show, two additional guest exhibitors participated in Motorboot Sneek. The six guest exhibitors participating during the 2016 Autumn Show, include renowned names such as Linssen Yachts located in Maasbracht and De Vaart Yachting from Lelystad. 

Motorboot Sneek hosts this yacht show twice a year on and near ‘t Ges, the wellknown water sports boulevard in Sneek, the Netherlands, located centrally in the Frisian heart of Dutch water sports. The event model works time and time again: eight local yachting companies display their own yachts, as well as those of the guest exhibitors, within their own facilities. Visitors get the opportunity to extensively get to know the companies, the yachts, the people who build them and their craftsmanship. 

Global scoops 

During the Autumn Show of Motorboot Sneek in October 2016, various models are displayed that were freshly launched as global scoops. The Jetten Beach 45 is first displayed in Cannes. The Discovery Flybridge built by Super Lauwersmeer will be launched globally during the HISWA event. Jansma Jacht will present its Bavaria E40 as a scoop during the Autumn Show. In addition to all new yachts, an extensive selection of (young) occasions is also on display. 

More and more visitors, also from various other countries, are frequenting the yacht show in Sneek. “We certainly understand that”, says Chairman of Motorboot Sneek, Pieter Janssen. “The process of buying your own yacht, big or small, is emotional. A water sports fan wants to build an excellent report with both the yacht and its constructor. The yacht show enables attendees to browse at their own pace and engage whenever they want to, while the offer of yachts at our show continuously keeps increasing.” 

Site : www.motorbootsneek.nl 

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