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The design office initially specialized, in the sailing racing and production boats, was created in 1978 by Jean Berret, racer, graduated from the "Ecole Boulle" and of "Art Deco".

Jean was initially involved in the IOR racer design, quickly the french boat builders asked him to design production boats. He create for BENETEAU the FIRST 35 in 1979. 

Olivier Racoupeau graduated from the Toulouse University in mechanics and aeronautic technologies joined him in 1983. Their designs won 4 world champion titles (1984, 1985, 1990 and 1991), Admiral´s Cup in 1985 and winner the BOC in 1989-90 (single handed race around the world) and 3 times winner of the Transatlantic 6.50 so called Mini-Transat in 1981, 1984 and 1987. In the same period, they designed many production boats for BENETEAU and the range of "First" and their first catamaran in 1991 the «Marquises" for the shipyard Fountaine Pajot. 

In 1994, Jean and Olivier became partners and created Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design, the office quickly increased simultaneously with the number of boats drawn, more than 10 000 sailing today.

Over the last few years, we have been massive developments in computer technologies affecting all the areas in which we work:
We have now been using 3D computer modelling and visualisation tools for over 15 years and integrating 3D data is no longer a novelty but an intrinsic part of our working method, allowing us to tackle complex volumetric problems at every stage of the design process. 

Our technical resources alone would be nothing without the skills of the team that uses them. 

Our team is made up of nine people, naval architects, designers and engineers with the skills to tackle all the problems that can arise in designing a boat. Their experience is one of our strongest assets. 

In addition to a significant activity in the market of the monohull for BENNETEAU, WAUQUIEZ but also in the Super yacht market such as they latest big yacht BENIGUET, we develop more and more catamarans. Thus a 82 ft is born in 1996 for CNB shipyard as well as a range of aluminium multihulls for YAPLUKA with 47´-53´-60´-70´ , a third exemplar of the Yapluka 70´ will be launched soon. 

We also created for Fountaine-Pajot the "Eleuthera 60" and for AQVAMARINE in Italy Aldabra 600. 

If they all did not touch water, more and more of building sites contacted us for catamarans larger and larger such as for example the CIM 116 feet. 

Our Philosophy:
Designing a boat is a complex process combining science, experience, creativity and artistic flair. A large part of our work is rooted in our knowledge and intuition, with our research efforts used to test whether our instincts are underpinned by solid evidence and to help us to refine them further whilst obtaining optimal performance within the constraints of the boat´s physical limits. 

As naval architects we focus on adhering to the three fundamental principles of yacht design:
o Performance and maintaining opposing forces in balance
o Overall coherence and ease of handling
o Structural integrity and resistance to mechanical strains 

Throughout the design process we need to manage the interplay between these three closely-related areas in order to ensure that we abide by the CONCEPT behind your boat. 

Our aim is to design boats which exceed our client´s expectations. In order to achieve this, part of our work consists of supplying the boat´s construction team with the elements they need (the plans) to build the boat in accordance with the different objectives they have been set, whether these are:
o Financial
o Adherence to deadlines
o Aesthetic
o Optimisation of performance and navigability. 

As with other creative endeavours, designing a boat is an iterative process. 

It begins with the client´s specification and continues with the production of a design concept which, after further stages of detailed design work, will evolve into a full set of building plans. 

Intended to be built in series or as a prototype, in composite or aluminium, all our yachts are approached with same philosophy, to open the life has edge on the sea while preserving before all safety and the performances. 

We were first to conceive the "terrace" cockpit which gives a new approach of space and circulation at sea as well as when mooring. In 1996 on the CNB 82´, we preferred the roof/bimini unit in only one piece which tends today to be the best solution. 

Regarding to the accommodations, we always take care of the ease of the circulation, with for example a continuous floor from the cockpit to the main saloon, in the hulls, the roomy cabins and are equipped with central "Island beds» type giving ergonomics of incomparable cabins. 

For the boats of bigger size, we developed the recessed cockpits which reinforce the security feeling and improve circulation on board.

Concerning the performances, as in all our boats they are the subject of a detailed attention. The weights are scrupulously studied and the speed is evaluated with a Velocity Performance Program (VPP) which gives us the speed of the boat for all wind speeds and angles. 

If needed, we use Flow Simulation software more commonly known under the name of CFD in order to perfect the analysis of the hydrodynamic forces. For the engine use, we also consider speeds and consumption in order to assist the future owners in their choices. 

Concerning safety, for the catamarans of small size we perfectly characterize stability, transversal but so longitudinal in order to reinforce the safety of these boats under the most extreme conditions. 

We give an extreme attention to yacht scantling for sailing in worst seas without weakness but without over scantling, because too solid, they become too heavy and become not fast enough. As often as necessary we make Finite Element calculations with - FEMmodels to refine our analysis of the catamaran structure. 

Some past sigificiant projets

Marquise - Fountaine Pajot - 1991 

CNB 25 m - 1996 

Saving - Open 50 - 2001 

Centurion 45 - Wauquiez - 2002 

Eleuthera 60 - Fountaine Pajot - 2002 

Obsession 115 pieds - CIM - 2002 

116´ CIM - 2003 

Wondurfull - Yapluka 70 - 2004 

Aldabra B600 - Aquamarine - 2005 

Beniguet - Garcia 85 - 2005 

Océanis 50 - Bénéteau - 2006 

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