Charles Hedrich

World first crossing North Pole Greenland Charles Hedrich and Arnaud Tortel reached the coast of Greenland cap morris Jesup on June 6th at 3:00 GMT.

They established a world first, for no one has ever managed the crossing of the Arctic Ocean between the North Pole and the mainland of Greenland without resupply (sledge of 145 kg each). They started their trip from the Geographic North Pole on April 6th, they walked some 780 km in 62 days. 

During this venture, they witnessed a universe directly hit by global warming. The pack-ice they walked on is melting, irregular and broken. Many leads or water channels flow through the pack-ice. Leads of free water of 1 km wide with unlimited view on the sea were part of the expedition and obliged the adventurers to use their pulkas as kayaks. 

Let's enjoy this exceptional success ! Only a few sportsmen tried such kind of crossings so far - Borge Ousland (Nor), Richard Weber (Can), Mikhail Malakov (Rus), Rune Gjeldnes (Nor), Alain Hubert (Be), Mike Horn (SA) and of course Arnaud Tortel (F ). 

Starting in 2003, Charles Hedrich has accomplished a series of yearly extreme sport challenges: Paris Dakar motorbike finisher, sailing circumnavigation alone in 122 days, Mount Everest, Crossing the Altlantic rowing in 36 days ... 

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